COQUILLES SAINT JACQUES EN BROCHETTE (scallop and bay leaf skewers, for four)


Kebabs, coquilles saint jacques en brochette 1 OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

salt and pepper

about ½ cup flour

4 to 6 bay leaves

about 1/2 cup melted butter

about 1 cup bread crumbs made from non-sweet white bread

  1. Wash scallops, looking over each one carefully to remove any sand. Drain and pat dry on paper towels.
  1. Just before cooking, spread the scallops on a sheet of waxed paper. Toss with salt and pepper, then with the flour.  Finally toss in a sieve or colander to shake off any excess flour
  1. String the scallops on skewers, alternating each 2 scallops with a bay leaf. Paint with butter, roll in the crumbs and dribble on more droplets of butter.
  1. Broil or barbecue 2 to 3 minutes on each side, just until the scallops are springy rather than squashy.  Serve immediately.



From Julia Child’s Kitchen

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