Appetizers, eggs, quail eggs with olive puree 1 OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

12 quail eggs, plus additional for garnish if desired

¼ cup tapenade or olivada, either homemade or commercially bottled, for topping the eggs

24 drained bottled capers, patted dry

thyme branches for lining the platter, plus 24 sprigs for garnish, if desired



1.In a saucepan cover the eggs with cold water, bring the water up just to a boil, and simmer the eggs for 5 minutes. Pour out the water, add cold water to the pan, and let the eggs cool until they can be handled. Shell 12 of the eggs carefully and halve them lengthwise, leaving the additional eggs unshelled.

2. Spoon a small dollop of the olive paste onto each egg half, top the olive paste with a caper, and arrange the egg halves on a platter lined with the thyme branches and garnished with the additional eggs. Garnish the egg halves with thyme sprigs.


from The Best of Gourmet, 1993

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