Do you hog the salsa?  If so, this is the salsa bowl for you.  This pottery pig comes from the western Mexican state of Michoacan, which borders the Pacific Ocean.  The state, sometimes referred as “the soul of Mexico,” is known as the winter grounds for Monarch butterflies, as the site of the most elaborate Day of the Dead celebrations in Mexico, and for its Spanish colonial architecture.  Morelia, Michoacan’s capital, was designated a World Heritage site by UNESCO in 1991.

Michoacan also is a well known craft center.  Its contemporary crafts mix European and indigenous pre Colombian techniques to create metal work, textiles, and jewelry fashioned with turquoise, obsidian and other semi precious stones. The pottery in Michoacan draws inspiration from the Purepecha Empire, which rivalled the Aztecs before the Spanish conquest. 

This delightful little pig offers salsa with a smile.

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