1-½ cups glutinous (sweet) rice

1-1/3 cups well-stirred canned unsweetened coconut milk

1/3 cup plus 3 tablespoons sugar

¼ teaspoon salt

1 tablespoon sesame seeds, toasted lightly

1 large mango, peeled, pitted and cut into thin slices (yellow champagne mango preferred)


1.  In a bowl wash rice well in several changes of cold water until water is clear.  Soak rice in cold water to cover overnight.

2.  Drain rice well in a sieve.  Set sieve over a large deep saucepan of simmering water (sieve should not touch water) and steam rice, covered with a kitchen towel and a lid, 30 to 40 minutes, or until tender (check water level in pan periodically, adding more water if necessary.)

3.  While rice is cooking, in a small saucepan bring 1 cup coconut milk to a boil with 1/3 cup sugar and salt, stirring until sugar is dissolved, and remove from heat.  Keep mixture warm.

4.  Transfer cooked rice to a bowl and stir in coconut milk mixture.  Let rice stand, covered, 30 minutes, or until coconut mixture is absorbed.  Rice may be prepared up to this point 2 hours ahead and kept covered at room temperature.

5.  While rice is standing, in cleaned small pan slowly boil remaining 1/3 cup coconut milk with remaining 3 tablespoons sugar, stirring occasionally, 1 minute.  Transfer sauce to a small bowl and chill until cool and thickened slightly.

6.  Mold ¼ cup servings of sticky rice on 6 dessert plates.  Drizzle desserts with sauce and sprinkle with sesame seeds.  Divide mango slices among plates.

from The Best of Gourmet, 1995

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