Rice Pilafs


There’s more than one way to cook rice.  While your preferred method may be to use a machine designed for the purpose, should you find yourself with only a saucepan and a lid, learn this method and you’ll still eat.  It’s called the pilaf method, and here’s how it goes…

Rice, which reportedly comes in as many as 40,000 varieties worldwide, is grouped into three categories in the United States: long, medium and short grain.   Each category has different cooking characteristics; When cooked the long grains separate and the rice is light and fluffy, while cooked medium and short grain rice is moister and the kernels cling together.  Some types of rice, like the Italian arborio used for risotto, are waxy and glutinous.  Basmati rice, mainly grown in India and Pakistan, is both long grain and fragrant.  It has been aged to enhance its nutty aroma and further reduce moisture content.  To make plain rice pilaf for four people:

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